Winner of IMS "Best Dressed Modular Classroom"

Winner of IMS "Best Dressed Modular Classroom"



Memphis Rise Academy (Memphis, TN)

We are pleased to announce the winner of our "Best Dressed Modular Classroom", Memphis Rise Academy! We received a number of entries and amazing photos of different schools and classrooms who have turned their modular units into state of the art classrooms. Innovative Modular Solutions works hard to design and install units that seamlessly transition from the existing school to what you see in these photos. Teachers and students alike, feel comfortable in our classrooms!

How many months/years in the classroom?

We have worked here for five years! We were not in this building during our first year, but since we have made the move I have been teaching in this classroom every day! It is crazy to think that is four years! 


Why you chose to decorate the way you did/what you wanted to achieve in the decor?

Our classroom is named "Rhodes 6." Each of the four advisories (homerooms) in the 6th grade is named after a college or university in Tennessee. We are a college prep middle school, so the idea is to expose students to the idea of college as early as possible. We started in Tennessee, since that is where we are located! Although I did not attend Rhodes College, it is a school that our 6th graders have the opportunity to visit each year! Rhodes College has the mascot of the lynx, which is why you see the paw prints everywhere (leading them where they are supposed to walk in the classroom and all over the walls). The college colors are also red and black, which is evident in the photos! Our classroom is designed to be very student friendly (we have the check-in board, bookshelves, student work, student shout outs, etc.). The hope is that this feels like a space that celebrates the students in this room!


Thank you to all that participated!

Thank you to all that submitted their entries. We will be holding this contest again in the fall, when teachers start decorating their classrooms again. If you would like to participate in the next contest, please reach out to us by submitting and email from the button below. Submit your entry


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