Tying It All Together – Modular Building Connecting Corridors 

Modular buildings can provide temporary and permanent space for a wide range of uses, but what if a client needs the building(s) to join an existing structure or campus?  The answer is the connecting corridor.

A connecting corridor can provide a beautiful entry way, security between buildings, and a more permanent feel to any temporary building project.  The design and construction is no different than any permanent structure and will require a design professional to ensure that the connecting corridor meets all building codes.  Additionally, it usually requires a firewall to be constructed between the connecting corridor and one of the buildings that will attach.

Temporary Connecting Corridor

Typically, a temporary connecting corridor will be constructed of wood. In the project shown, the connecting corridor was built to provide weather protection and access to an ADA restroom as the existing historicalconnecting corridor on a temporary building building did not meet current ADA rules.  The addition of the connecting corridor also allowed the waterline to run through the connector, rather than demoing the interior of the existing building and excavating through the pavement to the modular building.


exterior view of modular building connecting corridor



The exterior of the corridor was sided to match the modular building and included all egress requirements based on the occupancy load of both buildings.  The interior floor was ramped to meet ADA access and was finished to blend into the existing building environment.


Permanent Connecting Corridor

A permanent connecting corridor will typically be constructed as slab on grade.  permanent modular construction connecting corridorIn the project shown, the connecting corridor was built to provide the main entrance and access from the existing building and the permanent modular building.


exterior of a modular construction school project


The exterior of the connecting corridor was standard brick with commercial storefront doors and windows.



entrance of the connecting corridor of a modular construction project



The interior floor covered in ceramic tile and the south interior brick wall was used as a display area.


View a full case study on this permament modular school addition.

Connecting corridors serve as a great way to blend a modular building addition into an existing building or campus.  Questions about how you could utilize a corridor on your project?  Call us at 800-357-4699 or

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