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COVID-19-How to prepare for social distancing

Every region of the United States is reacting to COVID-19 differently, depending on factors such as population size, confirmed cases, and available healthcare.

Modular Solutions Around the World

Modular design and construction in the commercial market has become a revolutionary solution with benefits of lower cost, sustainability and faster construction times. As modular becomes popular and a cost efficient resolution to strict financial obligations and a need for smaller carbon footprints; stunning new concepts and designs are popping up all…

Top 5 Myths About Modular Construction

There are a lot of misnomers out there in regards to modular construction and modular buildings. We have listed the top 5 that we come across on a regular basis and how they can be the best and most cost efficient solution for your project!

Do We Buyback Modular Buildings?

For clients that no longer have a need for their portable buildings, and would like to recapture a portion of their investment, IMS can assist in remarketing efforts and may even repurchase the modular building.

How Do We Refurbish Our Modular Buildings?

A refurbed or used modular building does not mean it will arrive to your organization in the same state as it left the previous lease.  At IMS, we have a team on staff who can restore the buildings to a “like new” state before they are delivered to the new site.  Here’s a look into where our refurbed buildings come from, and what they go through before…

Disaster Response Plans - Budgetary Pricing for Modular  Building  Solutions

The actions taken following a disaster are critical.  When it comes to needing space for schools, healthcare facilities, and businesses during recovery efforts, modular can be the answer to get the space quickly and efficiently.

Top 3 Benefits of Sky Panels in Modular MRI Suites

When a patient enters a healthcare environment, most likely at least slightly stressed, what would they rather look at, drab white ceiling tiles or illuminated sky panels that transport them to a relaxing nature-like setting?

Steps, Decks, and Ramps, or Grade Level Set, What is Best for Your Modular Building Budget?

When you see a modular building out in the wild, you usually see steps, decks, or ramps leading to the door.  So what is the difference in a standard modular building set and setting the building at grade level?  And like many clients ask, what is the best option to fit within a budget?

Top 3 Benefits of Leasing a Modular Building

Should you lease or purchase a modular building?  It all depends on the situation, so let's take a look at the top three benefits of leasing a temporary building:

How Much Does a Modular Building Cost?

To get an accurate budget, there are many factors that can affect the price of a modular building including the location of the site such as city vs. rural or the building use.  If you’re ready to know the cost of your specific modular building project, request a free custom quote from IMS.