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Temporary Modulars and How They're Transported

  TEMPORARY MODULARS AND HOW THEY'RE TRANSPORTED Innovative Modular Solutions offers temporary modular building solutions throughout all of our sectors; education, healthcare, commercial and government. Temporary buildings have the ability to be moved and relocated to multiple locations as the need arises. These buildings, although normally used for…

Winner of IMS "Best Dressed Modular Classroom"

  Memphis Rise Academy (Memphis, TN) We are pleased to announce the winner of our "Best Dressed Modular Classroom", Memphis Rise Academy! We received a number of entries and amazing photos of different schools and classrooms who have turned their modular units into state of the art classrooms. Innovative Modular Solutions works hard to design and…

IMS-Celebrating 20 years!

    How we started Innovative Modular Solutions started in 1999, with a vision and determination to be part of the modular building revolution. Pat Carmody, co-founder and President of IMS, has created a structure and culture to be successful through time conscious and cost-saving building solutions while maintaining a high standard of quality.

Disaster Response Budgetary Pricing for Modular Building Solutions

  Disaster Response The actions taken following a disaster are critical.  When it comes to needing space for schools, healthcare facilities, and businesses during recovery efforts, modular can be the answer to get the space quickly and efficiently.

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