Top 3 Reasons Why Modular is the Answer for High Growth Regions

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In booming areas, it can be hard to keep up with the building space needed to accommodate growing schools and businesses.  Both temporary and permanent modular buildings can be the answer to providing space quickly and efficiently.

  1. Get the space quickly

As long as a site meets the specs needed for a temporary building, modular buildings can be delivered a moment’s notice.  The buildings can provide both a short or long term space solutions for schools, offices, and businesses.  When the population was booming in Finley, Ohio, IMS did just that by providing modular space for a growing student population in just four months.

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Permanent modular construction can also offer an accelerated buildings option.  By choosing modular, high growth areas can get buildings constructed in about half the time of traditional construction.  Check out the modular construction timeline to find out how.

  1. Save money

Temporary solutions have the benefit of providing space during growth times, and if the need changes they can be removed and used again at another site.  For needs in education, healthcare, and government, the space may only be needed for a short amount of time.  By leasing a modular building, organizations can get the temporary space they need in a short amount of time without investing long-term in a modular building or permanent building space.  Thus savings them money in the long run as they learn the needs of their area as it grows.

In permanent modular construction, lower construction costs can also be a benefit.  Modular construction can eliminate as much as 80 percent of construction activity from the site which helps control costs and reduces the need for subcontractors on site.  Modular construction can also offer generous time savings when it comes to new construction.  On average, a building can be ready for students to begin class or businesses to open their doors about three months earlier than building with conventional construction. 

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  1. Protect the environment

Sustainable materials are become more and more important to protect our environment, and modular is no exception.  Modular buildings are built from the same materials and meet the same building codes as traditional construction.  Therefore, sustainable building materials and products that are used in conventional construction can also be incorporated into modular construction.  The advantage that modular construction has though is that once a modular building has served its purpose at one location, the entire building can be dismantled and moved to another location.

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Permanent modular construction can also offer sustainable benefits.  With as much as 80 percent of a building being completed in a factory, there is less construction waste, a shorter construction schedule, and less site disturbance. 

What do you think, is modular the answer?

Through speed, savings, and sustaiabilty, modular building and modular construction can be the answer for high growth areas.  For questions on temporary or permament space, contact our team today.

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