Top 3 Benefits of Sky Panels in Modular MRI Suites

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When a patient enters a healthcare environment, most likely at least slightly stressed, what would they rather look at, drab white ceiling tiles or illuminated sky panels that transport them to a relaxing nature-like setting?

Over the last several decades there have been hundreds of research reports indicating that nature can help promote reduce stress and promote healing in healthcare settings.  Scientists have labeled this as biophilia, which hypothesizes that people have an inherent attraction to nature and that even just viewing images of nature can provide a genuine psychological benefit.

Sky Panels in Modular Imaging Suites

This all sounds like it can be a great addition to a healthcare environment, but can it actually be installed in a modular imaging building or modular MRI suite?  The answer is yes, and here are the top 3 benefits of including sky panels when building a MRI suite.

  1. Sky Panels Can Enhance the Overall Patient Experience

By providing a nature like setting for a patient to view, it can create a calming effect to help reduce stress and anxiety that can come with healthcare procedures and imaging scans.  Furthermore, with MRI scans, often times patients can feel a sense of claustrophobia.  Being able to have natural light and a nature setting to view can help alleviate the sense of claustrophobia and enhance the patient’s relaxation and emotional balance.

  1. Sky Panels Can Enhance the Overall Clinical Environment

Imagine patients coming in for an imaging scan on a cloudy and rainy day, only to enter into the modular MRI suite to have a view of a sunny day during their imaging scan.  This immediately enhances the overall environment of the healthcare facility.  Modular imaging suites have no limit to the amount of sky panels that can be installed, as long as it fits the ceiling space.  This allows healthcare facilities to create the perfect environment to fit their imaging equipment. 

  1. Sky Panels Can Create an Advantage Over the Competitors

It’s obvious that the first two benefits can create a strong advantage over competitors.  Sky panels can provide a therapeutic benefit that can drive patients to choose their imaging facilities.  Also, with the nature-like setting lowering a patient’s stress and anxiety during a scan, the overall patient experience is improved which in turn can create higher patient satisfaction scores for the facility. 

Take a virtual tour of an MRI suite with sky panels

So why build a modular imaging suite in the first place?

  • Modular imaging suites can be adjoined to an existing building, stand-alone, or provide ancillary support space required for mobile units.
  • Modular imaging suites can be constructed to match existing medical campus structures to allow for seamless architectural continuity-including the installation of sky panels.
  • The flexibility of modular imaging suites allow for patient care to continue without disruption, providing a consistent patient and provider experience through every phase of construction and beyond.
  • Building a modular imaging or modular MRI suite can be done in about half the time as conventional construction,

Sky panels are not a necessity when building an MRI suite or imaging suite, but they can enhance the overall patient experience which can give healthcare facilities an advantage over the competitors.  To learn more about modular imaging suites and the advantages they can provide, contact our healthcare building team today.

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