Relocation of Temporary Modular Buildings


Innovative Modular Solutions offers temporary modular buildings for short-term projects (typically minimum 1 year lease, possibly less for in-stock buildings) when there is an immediate need or for interim space during a permanent build or renovation. These temporary solutions are popular for different industries such as; education, healthcare, federal, industrial, sports venues, etc. because they can be moved between multiple locations, as needed.

These temporary buildings can be re-located for many situations including emergency response, disaster re-builds and in situations for hospitals and schools who have a district or campus wide renovation and need to utilize the modular buildings for swing space.

How does an entire building get relocated?

Transportation to the Site

We house the inventory in our Indiana yard. Each unit, before it leaves the facility, is completely inspected for quality. Based on the need of the project, we install, repair or replace items to ensure the unit meets the required specifications and is in like-new condition for its new home.

When the module is ready for delivery, it is wrapped in weather-proof plastic to protect it from the elements during transportation.  Units are typically built on a steel frame with tires and axles and hitched to a truck for transportation. Each unit is fully insured during transportation to ensure that the modular building arrives in a timely manner and in the same condition as when it left the yard.

Once the unit is delivered to the site, it is staged based on the pre-determined location. Each unit is inspected upon arrival from an IMS Project Manager to make sure there is no damage or issue.


Each site is actively prepped to receive its temporary modular building. Depending on the site surface condition, some grading and excavation may be needed for a flat, level surface.

We also prep the location of the modular unit with temporary footings as well as electrical, sewer and water hook up.  Walkways and handicap accessible ramps are provided as needed.

Modular Installation

Depending on the location of the building, the modules are either roll set onto the footings or a boom crane may be needed to lift and set each one into place on the foundation. Our project managers are on site through the process to make sure that the specifications are adhered to and that each piece is placed and installed according to the site plan.

On the exterior of the building, the roof and walls are joined with weatherproof materials for a seamless fit. On the interior of the building; flooring, walls and ceilings are also joined with seaming materials designed for interior use. Skirting material is installed to enclose the crawl space. To complete the project, connections are made for all HVAC systems, electrical, plumbing, security and fire alarm components.


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