Permanent vs Temporary Modular Buildings

Permanent vs Temporary Modular Buildings

Permanent vs Temporary Modular Buildings


Permanent vs Temporary

Modular Buildings


Each modular building project has specific considerations, including budget, architectural design, and length of use. Once the project requirements are determined, you can choose between a permanent or temporary modular building.

Temporary Buildings


Temporary modular buildings can be used when schools need extra classroom space while working on issues of overcrowding, renovating current facilities, or while constructing an addition or new building. Temporary buildings are also used in the wake of natural disasters, as healthcare, administrative, or educational swing space during rebuilding efforts.

From an architectural point of view, temporary modular buildings have a pre-designed layout allowing the company to re-lease the building to future customers. Temporary modular buildings are easily relocatable to a different location. They can be quickly and easily dismantled and assembled quickly and efficiently at a new location. This feature makes temporary modular buildings ideal for any situation where a building needs to be relocated to a new location to accommodate different needs. Moreover, temporary modular buildings can be relocated numerous times while maintaining their durability.

Temporary modular buildings usually have a floor plan and interior/exterior finishes such as exterior siding and interior vinyl gypsum that are conducive to easily dismantling the building and relocating.  Our temporary or portable modular buildings also have a more “standard” floor plan so that they may be re-purposed and applied to many industries.

Permanent Buildings

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Permanent modular buildings are a great way of constructing something new and customized to your specifications. Many architects and construction companies are now choosing modular construction over conventional build. The benefit of having any building constructed in a shorter amount of time, not only saves the organization money, but helps them generate revenue sooner rather than later.

Permanent modular buildings are custom built to meet the customer’s design intent and usage. You can upgrade the interior and exterior finishes, eliminating the appearance of a typical modular building, making the building more aesthetically pleasing.   Modular buildings can be multi-story, connected to an existing structure, or combined with site-built components.  

Educational facilities have been taking advantage of permanent modular construction for years. It is a cost-effective way to expand/build new facilities in a shorter period of time, allowing students, faculty and staff to begin the school year on time with minimal disruption to the site and classes.

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Hospitals are also taking advantage of permanent modular buildings. Imaging Centers, Outpatient Surgical Centers, Urgent Care Centers, Medical Office Buildings and much more are being built using modular buildings.  Utilizing modular building in a healthcare environment minimizes impact on overall patient care, as the overall construction time, noise and environmental disturbances are reduced.

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