Modular Goes to College


In the education sector, colleges and universities are growing at an exponential rate and the use of modular solutions has become more prominent.  With the speed, affordability and sustainability of modular buildings, many colleges are turning to modular solutions for their campuses.

Innovative Modular Solutions can provide the necessary temporary and permanent modular building structures to meet the needs of your expanding and growing campuses.  IMS can deliver for both temporary and long-term structures to meet the needs and budgets for colleges and universities.

More than just a classroom


Colleges and universities are not just turning to modular buildings to increase class size. You can find modular solutions around growing campuses fulfilling many of these space needs:


  • Locker rooms
  • Press Box
  • Science labs
  • Common areas/ meeting spaces
  • Technology centers/ computer labs
  • Dining halls /cafeterias
  • Libraries
  • Administrative buildings/offices



IMS can work with your design team and budget to incorporate sustainable features into your modular building. Modular buildings can include high efficiency mechanical systems, including digital controls and on demand ventilation, to reduce overall energy consumption.  Low flow plumbing fixtures with automatic sensors can be included to reduce water consumption.  A white roof can be installed to reduce the heat island effect.  Insulated, low E windows can be provided to allow natural light while also keeping out the elements. 

 The controlled process used in modular construction not only offers quality buildings that meet or exceed the same standards as traditional construction, but also benefits the environment to meet green standards through reducing and reusing.  

Save Time


With modular construction, site preparation occurs at the same time the modules are being constructed in the factory.  This allows for the buildings to be completed 30 to 50 percent sooner than conventional construction, which in turn generates a faster return on investment.

Save Money

nrm_1415221003-save-money-with-insurance-discountsThe speed of modular allows for a reduction in the overall construction time which in turn reduces labor, financing and supervision costs.

Also, shorter construction schedules and other elements inherent to the modular process can help protect clients from unnecessary threats associated with typical construction projects. 

The shorter construction schedule also allows for earlier occupancy, creating a quicker ROI for clients. 

IMS-Wayne State University Press Box


Once the architect turned to IMS and Whitley Manufacturing to design a modular structure, the total construction process spanned a two-week period, with structural steel improvements completed in week one.  Four modular sections comprised the two-story 2,180 square foot press box.  The first floor houses a large press room with kitchenette, the president’s suite with a private restroom and kitchenette, and the home radio room.  The second floor houses the home and away coaches viewing rooms, filming room with rolling coil doors, the athletic director’s suite, a filming area, an accessible restroom, a storage room, and an electrical closet.  The modules were installed in one day, and the press box was opened one week later following the utility connections and finish work.

IMS-University of Michigan Pre-K Building


The University of Michigan’s Early Childhood Development Program provides U of M students hands-on experience with pre-K and kindergarten children.  This school serves children of the staff, students and community.  The U of M kindergarten students were being taught in a worn out 40-year-old trailer.  A new building was needed—one that was innovative and befitting a 21st century education, while blending with the University’s wooded setting.

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