Modular Building Maintenance Checklist

Modular Building Maintenance Checklist.png

New or used, leased or purchased, a modular building is a big investment for any organization.  Both temporary and permanent modular buildings are built to withstand the test of time, but just like conventional construction, modular buildings also require periodic maintenance to protect your investment.

This periodic maintenance does not have to be time consuming though.  Checking off a few monthly tasks and performing a few checks each season will ensure a long life for the building.

At IMS, we give our customers at recommended routine maintenance schedule.  We also offer for IMS to perform the maintence at a fee, and can also recommend local companies such as mechanical or roofing contractors if needed.

Here’s a look at what we have our customers do to help eliminate any structural problems and help eliminate the need for service calls:


Check and Change Air Filters As Necessary 

2"x20"x30" pleated filters in the return air grilles

Replace Light Bulbs and Ballasts as Necessary

Strip/Seal/Wax VCT if applicable

Spring:Building Maintenance Checklist.jpg

Check / Clean HVAC Units.            

Check Exhaust Fan Systems.

Inspect Roof - clean debris (especially from gutter / roof drain area).


Inspect Roof - clean debris (especially from gutter / roof drain area).

Check / Clean Water Heater.

Check / Clean Drinking Fountain (especially condenser fan coil)

Check Caulking at Plumbing Fixtures


Check / Clean HVAC Units.

Caulk Small Openings.

Inspect Roof - clean debris (especially from gutter / roof drain area).


Lubricate Door Hinges and Closers

Clear Debris From Skirt Vent Area

Check Skirting

Download the Modular Building Maintenance Checklist

Our customers receive this checklist upon purchasing or leasing an IMS building.  But if you currently have a non-IMS building and would like to follow a schedule to help protect your investment, you can download a copy of our Modular Building Maintenance Checklist today.

Download the IMS Modular Building Maintenance Checklist