Leaps n' Bounds Review


We would like to share with our customers a very nice review given to us by owner of Leaps 'n Bounds pre-school; Bill Munson. We always strive to go above and beyond for every customer, every time!

Leaps 'n Bounds Pre-School

In 2009 we opened a preschool in Nashville to replace a day care facility that was closed by the State of Tennessee for repeated non-compliance. We rehabbed their severely neglected building with the hope of helping those displaced families, but over the early years it proved to be inadequate for the needs of a quality school environment.

In 2014 we were approached by a Memphis developer to build a new school in our home town, but development cost was prohibitive. It did get us motivated to buy our land, design our floor plan, and that’s when we discovered modular construction. Conventional stick-built-on-site construction was way out of our price range and IMS was not on our radar, but IMS’s Bob Spista was super responsive and treated our project at every turn as if we were spending $10M+.

Budget has always been our foremost concern and IMS did not disappoint. They committed to a price for the completed structure, including commercial grade doors, 8-1/2 T-grid ceilings, sheet-rocked walls, individual thermostats and HVAC units for all classrooms and all MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) installed. The building arrived on a steel frame which allows us a full crawl space, but it is as solid as if we are built on a slab foundation. For us, it was like buying a car!

Bob helped work with the state authorities to pre-approve the construction. Then he connected us with a local GC for connections to city utilities, but it quickly became evident we would need to provide the day-to-day construction management. We hired the 1-1/2 acre property cleared and graded, and in mid-October 2016 our six building components modules arrived at the job site. Amazingly, we had a fully secured facility on our site in less than 2 days!

As our photos illustrate, it was always our plan to add finishes and design so that our building would never be confused as a temporary building. For the building, we added real stone to the storefront, board-and-batten siding as well as a staggered parapet, and owner Sue Munson was in charge of the preschool-friendly color scheme (she even painted the “Electric Lime” ribbons to accent our roofline. We spent all of December 2016 and January 2017 laying 6000 sqft of flooring. Volunteers helped us build fence panels, sand and paint furniture, and move equipment onto our playground. We painted and landscaped the building ourselves, handcrafted all of the wall shelving, nap mat storage and sink bases, even registered our 3000 sqft rain garden (required to manage our storm water) as a nationally recognized Monarch Butterfly, butterfly and wildlife sanctuary – our preschoolers will feed and track the endangered Monarchs!

In each of 2016, 2017 and 2018, we have received recognition as one of the http://threebestrated.com/preschools-in-nashville-tn. (Check us out!) And we have no doubt that by continuing to serve our community as we already have, we can expect continue to receive this honor in coming years thanks in large part to our new building! Also, the city building inspector commented on the higher-than-expected quality of our finished building, and both our banker and we were thrilled that the finished site appraised at more than 150% of our out-of-pocket cost. Thanks to Bob and the IMS team!!!






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