IMS Best Dressed... F2F or Virtual Modular Classroom 2020

IMS Best Dressed... F2F or Virtual Modular Classroom 2020

IMS Best Dressed... F2F or Virtual Modular Classroom 2020


Innovative Modular Solutions would like to display the amazing and creative ways teachers and students have decorated their modular classrooms for face to face learning OR your virtual classroom- to make them their own

We are asking anyone wanting to participate to submit their award-winning styles and taking part in this fun competition! In past years, we received a number of entries and amazing photos of different schools and classrooms who have turned their modular units into state of the art classrooms. Innovative Modular Solutions works hard to design and install units that seamlessly transition from the existing school to what you see in these photos. Teachers and students alike, feel comfortable in our classrooms! 

Teachers will need to submit the following:

  • Teacher name
  • School name and location
  • Grade(s)
  • Photos
  • How many months/years in the classroom
  • Why they chose to decorate the way they did/what they wanted to achieve in the décor
  • Wish List (List of items you wish you had for your classroom; i.e school supplies, tablet, etc.)

We are anticipating many contenders, but there can only be one winner! The judging will be performed by the IMS Management Team and they will pick a winner. Check back to see who will take home the “Best Dressed Modular Classroom” award. Please submit your entry and wish list to Kristin Marino by sending all entries to  You can call us directly at 248.876.9442 with questions.

2020 Winner





We were able to gift an item from the winning school's wish list- a sensory table for their classroom. It is so awesome to see how schools and teachers work tirelessly to provide an educational space to help grow and learn!




2020 Runner-Up


Pic 1


 Pic 3

2019 Winner!



Submit your entry below and share with others so they can partake in the competition! 

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