How Much Does a Modular Building Cost?

How much does a modular building cost?  What is the cost of a modular building?

To get an accurate budget, there are many factors that can affect the price of a modular building including the location of the site such as city vs. rural or the building use.  If you’re ready to know the cost of your specific modular building project, request a free custom quote from IMS

Not ready to request a quote for your project yet?  Here are some of the main factors to think about:

1. Used Buildings vs. New Modular Buildings
In most scenarios, a used modular building offers a more economical option compared to a brand new modular building.  Used buildings, such as portable classrooms or a modular office building, have been previously leased by another school or organization for temporary use, and when returned can be leased or sold in an as-is condition or refurbished to any level, including a like-new condition. 

New buildings can offer custom design, materials, etc, and the building will be built to the building codes in your state.  This can sometimes offer a cost savings.  Read more about building codes and state labels.

2. Temporary vs Permanent 
All temporary buildings are installed to allow for easy tear down and relocation at the end of use.  This can offer a cost savings for an organization that is looking for a short-term space solution. 

Permanent buildings can have add-ons to give the building a permanent look.  This can increase the cost, but also allow for options like blending the building into an existing campus with exterior finishes such as brick, or site-built options like a glass storefront, concrete floors, etc.  Find out more about the differences between temporary and permanent modular buildings.

3. Size of the Building
Obviously, the bigger your modular building, the more you are going to pay.  As the building increases in size, however, the cost per square foot will typically decrease.

4. Site Prep, Including Utilities
The more site-prep work that is required to prepare the building for delivery, the more it will cost.  Sites that are sloping, prone to flooding, etc., will require more site-work than a flat site or a site with utility hook-ups already in placeFoundations can also vary the cost and the type of foundations used can depend on whether it is a temporary or permanent modular project.  Find out more about the types of foundations available for modular construction.

Although you can’t control the cost of utilities, knowing what the connection and monthly fees will be can help as you start to budget your modular building project.  At IMS, we can coordinate all of the required on-site utility work or the customer can hire their own plumbers and electricians.  

5.Building Materials
The modules used in modular construction are built to the same standards as conventional construction.  This means that the same quality of materials are used, making the cost of materials comparable.  If your modular building requires a custom design, the higher quality materials will increase the cost. 

6. Custom Features
Similar to anything in life, the more customization options you choose, the more you pay.  If your project involves a simple layout or one of our standard modular buildings, the cost may be more affordable.  If your building requires one of the endless customization options that modular construction can offer, the cost will be more.  

7. Delivery
The site of the future modular building project can also affect the cost.  We work with suppliers throughout the United States to find the most economical way to deliver and install your modular buildings.

So Why Choose Modular?

Throughout all these cost factors, there is one element that you can’t always put a price tag on: time.  Whether it’s a new building or used building, custom built permanent modular or a temporary office space, modular buildings can provide a quick turnaround and be built in as much as half the time as conventional construction. This speed of construction means your organization moves in earlier, which can lead to a big savings.

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