How Modular Classrooms Can Help with Social Distancing

How Modular Classrooms Can Help with Social Distancing


Modular buildings have been a solutions for over-crowding in schools, for years. With many schools returning this school year with in person or face-to-face learning, the need for additional space is more important than ever. Modular classrooms offer a temporary solution with all the comforts of a regular classroom and Innovative Modular Solutions has developed solutions for not only additional space but layouts with our classrooms that follow CDC guidelines for social distancing. 


How to social distance in the classroom and other educational space

IMS has developed layouts in accordance with CDC guidelines to ensure that our units accommodate:

  • Space seating/desks at least 6 feet apart when feasible.
  • Turn desks to face in the same direction (rather than facing each other), or have students sit on only one side of tables, spaced apart.
  • In class restrooms, if needed, to ensure proper hygiene and minimal sharing of facilities
  • IMS has also created layouts for larger classroom space and cafeteria space to add to your school 
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Why are modulars used in Education?

Modular Buildings can help ease classroom overcrowding! Modulars are used in education because they can be temporary or permanent. Temporary buildings are designed so they may be removed once the capacity situation abates, whether by a permanent addition to the school, another school being opened in the area, or a reduction in student population.  Our permanent structures allow us to install your building to be stand alone or attach to an existing building. 

Modular construction is a quick, flexible, cost-effective solution that allows the buildings to be built off site simultaneously while site work is performed at the school. Interruption is minimal and students are able to attend school while installation is performed. Most school districts lease or buy modular classrooms due to a need to quickly add capacity while being budget conscious, however, we are also able to build permanent facilities to minimize site interruptions and complete faster than site built methods. 

Modular classrooms do not only refer to single and double classroom "trailer" buildings. They come in an array of sizes to accommodate the needs of K-12 school districts and higher education. Construction of modular buildings occurs simultaneously with site work, allowing projects to be completed in half the time of traditional construction. 



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