FEDERAL Grants for Charter Schools

FEDERAL Grants for Charter Schools

FEDERAL Grants for Charter Schools



Charter Schools Receive Federal grants to Help with Growing School Districts

What is a Charter School?


A charter school is a public school that is independently run. It receives greater flexibility over operations in exchange for increased performance accountability. The school is established by a “charter,” which is a performance contract describing key elements of the school. The charter contract describes things like the school’s mission, instructional program, governance, personnel, finance, plans for student enrollment, and how all these are measured.

As public schools, charter schools are prohibited from charging tuition. They must not discriminate or be religious in their operation or affiliation. In most cases, charter school admissions are determined by lottery when there are more applications than available seats. Charter schools are not exempt from federal laws that cover students’ rights or safety, including special education and other civil rights protections. They are also subject to state accountability systems, and their students must take required state tests.[1]

Federal Grants for Charter Schools

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Charter schools receive funding based on the number of students that enroll. They only receive funding if parents choose to send their children to the school. The level of funding is determined by the state charter law and the state finance system for public schools.

As public schools, charter schools have access to most grant programs available to traditional public schools. However, each state’s approach to a charter school’s legal status influences how charter schools can apply for or use funding sources. [2]

Who receives these grants?

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Many schools throughout the United States apply each year for federal grant money. Each state and Charter School program apply and use funds for different situations. They apply, based on their needs and apply those funds for their programs.

In Michigan, the state’s education department announced that four schools will get up to $1 million each to expand their operations or open new schools. Over the next five years, the state expects to hand out $47 million in federal funds to help grow the state’s charter sector. Those monies will also be used for classroom supplies, curriculum materials, computers, and other materials. [3]

And in Alabama, the federal government is sending $25 million to a nonprofit to attract up to 15 new charter schools to the state over the next five years.

New Schools for Alabama, formerly known as the Alabama Coalition for Public Charter Schools, received notice Thursday it is one of three recipients in three states of the U.S. Department of Education’s Charter Schools Program grant. Nine states received grants in 2017, and eight states received grants in 2018. The charter school grant program has grown significantly since it was first authorized in 1995.[4]

How can modular help Charter Schools?


Charter School face unique challenges in terms of having the learning space they need. Most often, they are seeking a sustainable plan to provide the best in class teaching spaces for the long term.

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