Disaster Response Budgetary Pricing for Modular Building Solutions

Disaster Response Budgetary Pricing for Modular Building Solutions

Disaster Response Budgetary Pricing for Modular Building Solutions


Disaster Response


The actions taken following a disaster are critical.  When it comes to needing space for schools, healthcare facilities, and businesses during recovery efforts, modular can be the answer to get the space quickly and efficiently.

Available Inventory

If a facility is damaged due to a disaster, there is inventory available that can be mobilized quickly so organizations can continue operating during recovery, rebuilding or renovation.    

By working with directly with an organization, FEMA, or state and local disaster response organizations, modular buildings can be delivered and ready for occupancy on an accelerated timeline to allow for all levels of operations to continue. 

With the recent flooding and tornado damage in many parts of the U.S., IMS is standing at the ready with available buildings to replace or use temporarily for facilities and schools affected by the devastation.

IMS has been a provider on FEMA funded disaster response projects to ensure a quick turnaround time. Here are a few examples of how IMS can help when disaster strikes.




In 2011 when the Souris river flooded in Minot, North Dakota, the school district was concerned about how and where to begin their upcoming school year. The devastating flood displaced roughly 776 students when the Souris River spilled over protective levies and flooded schools, businesses and thousands of homes.  Working with a construction company and FEMA, IMS provided 65,000 square feet of educational space and the district was able to welcome students only one week later than their normal start date. Read the full story here

Temp School

In 2017, 55,244 sq. ft a temporary modular campus was erected due to flooding. An entire campus, consisting of 11 modular buildings; connected by elevated, covered, and lighted walkways was constructed to provide Hoover Students their own temporary school, until the permanent replacement is constructed. The campus design is based on standard building elements, grouped in clusters based on educational programming components. Read the full story here


If the financial aspect is an issue in knowing there will be enough funds to provide the space needed in the wake of a disaster, modular building can offer both leasing and financing options.  From outright purchase, to leasing through an operating lease, financing lease, or municipal lease, a modular dealer can find the right solution to get the space needed. 

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What's next?

If you’re searching for solutions to help in your disaster response, IMS is ready to answer any questions as well as provide floor plans and budgetary pricing.  We know that rapid response is critical, and with our high-quality temporary  buildings we can help communities to be prepared in their disaster response plans.

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