Different Types of Modular Roof Drainage Systems

Different Types of Modular Roof Drainage Systems

Different Types of Modular Roof Drainage Systems


Different Types of Modular Roof Drainage Systems

One of the most important things that helps divert water away from your building is a properly-installed roof drainage system. Roof draining systems play a role in effectively removing water and debris from the roof and minimizing groundwater accumulation around your foundation or property.

In order for drain systems to work properly, they need to have routine maintenance, or they can cause significant damage to the building or foundation, including; flooding, mold growth, and even extensive problems with the foundation.

Gutters, scuppers and roof drains are designed to divert water away from the structure and allow for the proper drainage during a significant rain fall. These drainage systems help reduce the risk of water damage to the interior of the building.

Your roof drainage systems – including gutters, interior drains, and scuppers should be free of accumulated debris such as twigs, leaves, and granules from roof systems, such as modified bitumen on flat roofs and asphalt shingles on sloped roofs.

There are three distinct drainage systems that Innovative Modular Solutions uses on our installations.


Scuppers & Downs East Side

A scupper is an opening in the outer wall or curb along the roof line. These scuppers allow water to run through the wall via a metal box protecting the surrounding scupper. Scuppers, generally are the top choice for draining water from your flat roof the most efficiently.

Interior Roof Drain


Exterior Drain

Interior drains are found many times on large building roofs. The drains are usually placed near the center of the building. They attach to pipes that drain the water down through the building’s roof. This keeps the water safely away from the walls and foundation. Interior roof drains are the most common on IMS systems as they will not freeze or crack during winter climates since they are protected by the interior of the building. We install strainers with these systems to minimize the amount of debris that could enter the system.



Rain gutters are the most common drain system in use for all types of roofs as they are inexpensive and the easiest to install. However, they need constant maintenance and upkeep. In winter climates, water can freeze within the gutters and cause breakage or cracking.

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