COVID-19-How to prepare for social distancing

COVID-19-How to prepare for social distancing

COVID-19-How to prepare for social distancing

Every region of the United States is reacting to COVID-19 differently, depending on factors such as population size, confirmed cases, and available healthcare.


Innovative Modular Solutions (IMS) stands ready to provide our standard Modular Buildings to assist as the country begins return to work and go back to school.  In direct response to COVID-19, our buildings can be used as temporary or permanent Health and Safety Check Stations, General Offices, and Educational Space.

Health and Safety Check Stations

imageRecently, several states and local municipalities, including, without limitation, Ohio, Delaware, San Francisco, and Santa Clara County, have implemented orders or issued guidance urging or requiring that temperature checks be implemented before employees are permitted to report to work.  The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also has issued COVID-19 specific guidance urging workplaces located in communities with minimal to moderate COVID-19 risk to implement regular health checks, including temperature and respiratory symptom screening.

IMS offers several options for a single walk-up, walk through or drive through temperature check stations.

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General Offices


Concerns will persist regarding the possibility of COVID-19’s resurgence as state and local governments implement the phases of the Opening Up America Again Guidelines. IMS has developed building options for practicing social distancing in the workplace! 




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Educational Space

CDC-School-GuidelinesAcross the country, policymakers and school leaders are making plans to reopen schools for the next academic year, and some are preparing to do so sooner. In order to reopen schools safely and mitigate disease spread, state and district leaders will need to address several important health considerations. IMS has developed several options for both classroom and large facilities for your school including; lecture halls, cafeteria and multi-classroom buildings.  


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