Building Maintenance Checklist


Ongoing maintenance for your building is important for two reasons: it helps gather an understanding of the condition of your building and it allows us to recognize and address issues before they cause further damage to the building, minimizing overall repair costs.

There are many things that you should consider when inspecting for ongoing maintenance. Below are some of the more important items we can cover.



Your roof should be inspected bi-annually for:

  • Leaks
    • By inspecting the ceiling and walls of the unit, we are able to determine if there are on-going leaks from the roof
  • Tearing/Sponging
    • During storms and harsh weather, parts of the roof may become damaged
  • Gutters, Roof Drains, Scuppers
    • Gutters should be cleaned and clear of debris to allow for proper roof drainage


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Mechanicals are an important and integral part of your building

  • HVAC
    • Test the condition and quality of the unit at least twice a year with seasonal start-up and run tests
    • Replace filters every quarter
      • This helps keep the unit clean and sustain good air quality
      • outside air dampers should be set at a position that allows outside air, but also maintains energy efficiency
  • Thermostats
    • are set to a proper temperature for the season and functioning properly
    • fan should be set to AUTO
  • Electrical Panels
    • Check for frays, double tapping or electrical inconsistencies
  • Water Heater
    • Pilot light (if applicable)
    • Water temperature
    • Efficiency of unit

 Plumbing and Restrooms


Leaks cannot always be visible but can cause large, costly issues if not corrected immediately.

  • Inspect at least once a year for suspicious noises or small leaks
  • Bathroom fixtures
    • Fixtures take a lot of abuse and need to be maintained and checked for broken gaskets and leaks
    • Sink faucet screens should be cleaned periodically to ensure proper water flow
    • Drinking Water
      • Drinking water should be checked for contaminants
        • Water testing
        • Should be done annually by random sampling

Lighting and Electrical


Poorly maintained fixtures can be a drain on energy efficiency and cause poor light quality

  • Random sampling of electrical outlets can determine if there is an energy drain or bad connection
  • Check for burned out bulbs and ballasts and replace as necessary with correct wattage for need
  • Check that all Exit Signs and Emergency Lights are functioning and properly lit
  • Check that fire alarm devices are functioning and replace batteries if needed


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  • Inspect for tears and any worn areas for use, these are likely to cause tripping hazards
  • Strip/Seal/Wax VCT two times a year (if applicable)

Innovative Modular Solutions is committed to providing top notch modular units and installation. However, over time and with heavy use, parts of the building will become worn. We offer our customers a Routine Maintenance Check-list Inspection to help build a program for repair, replacement and budgetary costs. Contact us for more information

If you are leasing a building from us, please contact us immediately if there is a problem so we can address and repair in a timely manner. 

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