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5 Things You Should Know About Modular Structures

How Decking, Awnings & Canopies in Modular Buildings Benefit Schools

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IMS Best Dressed... F2F or Virtual Modular Classroom 2020

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Smaller Class Size - Healthier Learning

How Modular Classrooms Can Help with Social Distancing

8 Key Players in the Modular Building Process

COVID-19-How to prepare for social distancing

Trauma Center

Top 3 Reasons to Choose Modular Construction After COVID-19 Pandemic

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IMS wins First Place for Modular Building Award

8 Honored in 2019 Sales Awards for Modular Building

Winner of IMS "Best Dressed Modular Classroom" 2020

Scale House-Modular Building

Best Dressed... Modular Classroom 2020

Modular Process-Take the Journey

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2019 Holiday Giving

Halloween Health & Safety Tips

FEDERAL Grants for Charter Schools

Permanent Classrooms in Memphis Tennessee

Temporary Modulars and How They're Transported

Winner of IMS "Best Dressed Modular Classroom"

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Permanent vs Temporary Modular Buildings

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Best Dressed…… Modular Classroom

Winter Break-Don’t Turn Off the Heat

Different Types of Modular Roof Drainage Systems

Inc 5000 Press Release

Leaps n' Bounds Review

Relocation of Temporary Modular Buildings

Northrup High School

Modular Goes to College

Building Green-Modular Solutions

Building Maintenance Checklist

IMS Introduces New Employees

Why Charter Schools Rely on Modular Construction

Modular Solutions Around the World

Top 5 Myths About Modular Construction

Do We Buyback Modular Buildings?

How Do We Refurbish Our Modular Buildings?

Modular Buildings and Growing Tennessee Charter Schools

What Is Permanent Modular Construction?

Permanent Modular Construction – What Does it Look Like?

Modular Classrooms and the Michigan ICC 500 Storm Shelter Requirement

Disaster Response Plans - Budgetary Pricing for Modular  Building  Solutions

Top 3 Reasons Why Modular is the Answer for High Growth Regions

Modular Building Maintenance Checklist

Modular Classrooms & School Referendums

Top 3 Benefits of Sky Panels in Modular MRI Suites

Team Spotlight - Taylor Bars, Project Manager

Steps, Decks, and Ramps, or Grade Level Set, What is Best for Your Modular Building Budget?

Technology in Portable Classrooms

Modular 101: Do Portable Classrooms Have Restrooms?

Modular Dealers & Manufacturers - How We Work Together

Top 3 Benefits of Leasing a Modular Building

Time Savings into Revenue: Quick Serve Restaurant Franchises

Modular Construction Timeline - The 5 Steps to a Modular Building (Infographic)

5 Key Team Members on a Successful Modular Building Project

When is modular a better fit?

7 Factors to Think About When Planning for a Temporary Building

Giving Back: Innovative Modular & The Food Bank of Northern Indiana

Top 5 Advantages of Modular Construction and Modular Buildings

What is a Temporary Modular Building?

How Much Does a Modular Building Cost?

"Temporary" Classroom Provides Long Term Space Solution

A Pizza Theater and Modular Construction

Modular Construction Meets the Needs of Growing Charter School

Modular Classroom Building Installation Time Lapse Video

Winthrop-University Hospital Modular Trauma Center Addition Ribbon Cutting

Can modular construction offer additions or a second story to be added as school enrollment grows?

They all say “modular building”, but what is the difference between standard modular buildings, pre-fab steel buildings, and in-plant offices?

Modular Building Codes and State Labels Overview

IMS Modular Building HVAC Warranty Overview

IMS Modular Building Roof Warranties Overview

Modular Classroom Buildings Provide Much Needed Space for Growing Student Population

Winthrop University Hospital Construction Project Update

Sales Manager Spotlight - Jim Qualley - MN, IA, WI Sales & Project Management

Do the temporary modular buildings come with power, water, and sewer or is that extra?

When do we need to start the planning process to have modular classrooms in place by the start of the school year?

What type of foundations are modular buildings placed on?

Modular Construction and Infection Control

Sales Manager Spotlight - Jason Shannon, OH, IN, MI

IMS adds 30’x50’ Modular Imaging Suite to GSA Schedule

Time Lapse Video: Modular Classrooms Building Installation

Tying It All Together – Modular Building Connecting Corridors 

Convenient Care Meets Convenient Build with Modular Construction

Government Standards for Modular Buildings – An Overview of UFC Codes

Who is responsible for site work on a modular building project?

IMS Announces MRI Manufacturer Web Pages

IMS Team Members Attend Health Care Construction (HCC) Workshop

Modular 101: What do you mean by a used modular building?

The Sustainability of Modular Construction: Reduce

Disaster Recovery – How modular buildings can help.

The Sustainability of Modular Construction: Reuse

How long will a modular building last?

Providing Modular Imaging Suite Through Our GSA Schedule

What is the difference between leasing and purchasing a modular building?

Temporary buildings for overcrowded high school campus

What is the difference between temporary modular buildings and permanent modular buildings?

What is the typical shipping height for a modular building unit?

Is there a modular building size that is most cost-effective?

What items for a modular building are typically installed or finished in the factory?

What is the typical modular building component size?

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