5 Things You Should Know About Modular Structures

5 Things You Should Know About Modular Structures

5 Things You Should Know About Modular Structures

1. Modular Structures Come In All Forms And Sizes

Modular construction has been used in constructing almost any type of building. There are temporary and permanent structures like  schools, hospitals, offices, etc. around the world that are created using the modular construction technique. Modular structures can range from large multi-story buildings to small buildings that can fit in unique spaces.

2. Modular Structures Can Be Built Anywhere

Building structures using traditional construction methods on remote land or a difficult-to-access property can get tricky. Transporting each individual component to such locations while the construction is in progress can prove to be challenging. In such cases, modular structures are a practical solution, minimizing the number of times materials, equipment and people need to access the site. Modular structures are ideal for any location, including high density urban areas or isolated remote areas.

3. Modular Structures Are Versatile

Modular structures offer hundreds of personalized features. They can be customized using almost any material or style available on the market. There are a variety of options for the exterior siding, interior finishes, flooring, cabinets, plumbing fixtures, roofing, and other elements of a structure that you can select from.  Site built features can also be added such as brick, peaked roof, entrance canopy, storefront windows to meet your desired aesthetic.

4. Modular Construction Is Convenient

Unlike the on-site construction techniques, modular construction is easier, more convenient, and faster. As the process includes offsite manufacturing, fabricating, and assembling, this construction method takes less time to build overall and the site work and building construction can happen simultaneously.  Modular construction is also safer as much of the work is being done in a factory controlled environment and there are less trades overlapping on the site.

5. Modular Structures Can Be Permanent or Temporary Structures

People often feel that because the components of these structures are prefabricated that they can only be temporary. Actually, commercial modular buildings are built to the same International Building Code (IBC) as site built structures.  They can be installed on a permanent foundation for long term use similar to a traditional building.  Modular can also be used for a temporary buildings. These structures can be used for a short or extended period of time and then removed or relocated to a new site. 

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