5 Key Team Members on a Successful Modular Building Project

5 key team members on a modular building project.png

Teamwork makes the dream work, even in modular construction.  Five key members make up a modular building project team during a  design - build project. Here's a look at the team and what their responsibilities entail:

1.  Modular Dealer and General Contractor (Innovative Modular Solutions)

  • Works with the customer and architect to determine the building requirements – specification, size and layout. 
  • Works with architect to ensure building code, zoning and site requirements are met. 
  • Works with the building manufacturer to develop the modular layout and specification. 
  • Coordinates the delivery and installation of the modular building.
  • Determines overall scope of work.  
  • Works with local subcontractors to coordinate the site work required. 
  • Handles permits and inspections.

2. Architect

  • Works as the customer’s advocate to make sure the building is designed to meet the owner’s needs. 
  • Ensures that the building meets the state and local building code, zoning and site requirements. 
  • Creates the site plan and overall building drawing package, including any site built features.

3. Owner

  • Coordinates with team to determine building usage, specification, schedule and budget.

4. Modular Building Manufacturer

  • Creates detailed drawings and specification of the modular portion of the building. 
  • Submits the modular building drawings for necessary state or third party approvals. 
  • Manufactures buildings. 
  • Ensures the modular building meets the applicable building codes for the project location and building usage.

5. Subcontractors

Using This Team to Complete a Successful Project

To have a successful project that is both on time and on budget, It is imperative that this team works together from the initial phase (as early as site selection). If you're wondering how to create the ideal team for your project, our team is ready to answer any questions.

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