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5 Things You Should Know About Modular Structures

1. Modular Structures Come In All Forms And Sizes Modular construction has been used in constructing almost any type of building. There are temporary and permanent structures like  schools, hospitals, offices, etc. around the world that are created using the modular construction technique. Modular structures can range from large multi-story buildings…

How Decking, Awnings & Canopies in Modular Buildings Benefit Schools

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, extra space needed in schools has increased to accommodate guidelines for social distancing. Using modular has helped public, private and charter schools add additional temporary or permanent space in a quick and efficient manner. Often, these modular additions are connected to existing structures to allow for…

Winter Break-Don’t Turn Off the Heat 2020

Winter Break-Don’t Turn Off the Heat It’s that time of year when we are excited about the holidays and time off of school to spend with our friends and family. With the long break, many teachers, maintenance companies and facility managers, will shut off the heat to their buildings to conserve energy. This could cause unforeseen issues and possibly…

Winner of IMS Best Dressed Modular Classroom Nov 2020

  Anna McDonald School  (Manhattan, IL) We are pleased to announce the winner of our "Best Dressed Modular Classroom", Anna McDonald School in Manhattan, IL. ! We received a number of entries and amazing photos of different schools and classrooms who have turned their modular units into state of the art classrooms. Innovative Modular Solutions works…

IMS Best Dressed... F2F or Virtual Modular Classroom 2020

Innovative Modular Solutions would like to display the amazing and creative ways teachers and students have decorated their modular classrooms for face to face learning OR your virtual classroom- to make them their own

What Materials are Used in Modular Construction?

Modular construction is a process in which a building is constructed off-site, under controlled plant conditions, using the same materials and designing to the same codes and standards as conventionally built facilities – but in about half the time. Modular buildings are designed and built to meet or exceed the same International Building Code (IBC)…

New Modular Dental, Medical or Veterinary Clinic

Whether you are looking for a temporary clinic, starting a new  practice, or expanding your current practice, modular can be the answer to get your practice the space it needs.  Our modular clinic buildings can be customized on both the interior and exterior to blend with the current community, or to give your practice a unique look.

Smaller Class Size - Healthier Learning

Innovative Modular Solutions (IMS) stands ready to provide our standard modular buildings to assist as the country begins to return to school.  If you are in need of additional space for your school to accommodate in person learning, we have several options to chose from. 

How Modular Classrooms Can Help with Social Distancing

Modular buildings have been a solutions for over-crowding in schools, for years. With many schools returning this school year with in person or face-to-face learning, the need for additional space is more important than ever. Modular classrooms offer a temporary solution with all the comforts of a regular classroom and Innovative Modular Solutions has…

8 Key Players in the Modular Building Process

There are many key players involved throughout the modular process When you are at the beginning stages or deciding which direction to take in the modular building process, you will want to know all of the key players to help make your journey easier and more efficient.